• Advina Ratnaningsih


When you are stuck in Jakarta and need to get away from the city but don’t have much time and money, try to go to Belitung island. It’s only 1 hour flight from Jakarta. This small island is very worth visit. You can go to the famous beaches such as Tanjung Kelayang, Laskar Pelangi Beach and do island hopping to Lengkuas Island that has it’s trademark, the Lighthouse. Also you can go to Leebong island, and overland to east Belitong and Serdang Beach at Manggar.

Besides the beaches, you can also go visit Gantong village where there is a school replica from our famous Indonesian movie, Laskar Pelangi, and also to Museum Kata by Andrea Hirata. Andrea Hirata is a writer from Belitong that created the Laskar Pelangi novel, and now in the movie, and it was booming in Asia and Europe.

There is also Lake Kaolin, a lake made from kaolin mine. The water is blue and really nice. Go during sunrise, the view is nicer. Be careful when you try to go into the area, the sand is so soft and your feet could get stuck in there. Make sure don’t step into the water otherwise you will stuck and difficult to pull you up.

Don’t skip the culinary tour. Try to have breakfast at kopi Kong Djie (try the coffee milk or hot chocolate) with some traditional snacks. To try coffee in Manggar is a must. It’s famous with 1000 traditional coffee shop. Or if you want a heavy breakfast try to have soto or noodle soup at Mak Janna’s warung or Mie Atep. And in the evening go to Tanjung Pendam Beach where there are a lot of bar and cafes provide some live band with alcohol. Make sure not be outside more than 12am because in this island they have night hour rules.

  • Visit during June-July when the weather is really nice and you can see blue water at the beach

  • Only Telkomsel and XL provider works better in the city but so-so in the beach

  • The food normally cheaper than in Jakarta. Make sure the price is written in the menu so you don’t get the tourist price.


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