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Bungy Jumping Kawarau Bridge

Impromptu and the first thing i did when doing road trip for a week in South Island. This Bungy Jumping thing just popped in mind after i watched the Coldplay Concert and repacking my luggage just few hours before my departure time to South Island. I was thinking it was a good idea while i was in New Zealand. I should live to the fullest, isn't it? But well, i'm more curious to feel the jump than anything else.

It was weekend. Located not too far from Queenstown, Kawarau Bridge is the home for world's first bungy jumping place. The place was so busy that day. Not even mid day yet. So many tourists there, but some of them not doing the jump. Mostly they just accompany their family or friends. After paying, i walk to outside, looking around. The bridge is beautiful and the river has really strong currant. The weather is really nice, and yes, it's totally a great day to jump off the bridge.

I queued for the line, Some people takes time to prepare themselves before they jump. And finally when it's my turn, i calmly walk to the bench and put on all the safety. The time i stood up and get close to the edge of the border where i have to jump, that's the time when i got little bit of panic. Of course i got so panic. Only one safety rope on your legs. All you have to do is to jump off the bridge. Nothing else. I'm holding my gopro on my right hand so tight, and i got so nervous. i could smile to the camera, but it was a bitter smile. LOL.

Then what? They only have to wait for me to jump. And i haven't really prepared myself yet, because it wasn't on my original plan, but the adrenaline in my blood saying that i just have to do it so i won't have that curious feeling again. And there we go, i jumped!

It was a mixed feeling. I don't like it. The feeling you have to see the river from above, and knowing that you will have a few inch left on top of the river, the feeling of falling from 43 meter above the river, while hanging on the rope and swing up and down after that, spin around waiting for the crew to catch me from the boat makes me so dizzy. Plus, i didn't really do the proper jump like you can see in the video. It was scarry as hell.. Oh but at least i did it.

One of my bucket list has thicked off, and i got the certificate for that. So i can be proud saying that i did it already and won't do it again, prefer do something else than that. :D

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