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Eastern Indonesia always have their own beauty in nature. This time i had a chance to explore some places in South Moluccas.

Arrived in the morning greeted by double rainbow, it was raining, but slowly the sun rose up. We stay at Natsepa hotel. Located at Natsepa beach, which is famous with the crystal clear water and the snack, Rujak Natsepa (fruits with sweet spicy sambal).

Natsepa Beach Hotel

There are so many nice beaches in Ambon. I visited Liang Beach, Pintu Kota beach, Santai beach, Tanjong Latulahat, and beach close to Hatu, the airport area. These beaches mostly has crystal clear water and the waves are very calm.

Not many activities you can have besides water activity. But you can visit Waai Village where they have Morea, a fresh water eel, with big size as human arm and length up to 1.5 meter! They are not dangerous. When you visit the village you can ask the local to show them to you by pay 50 thousand rupiah. They will give morea some raw eggs so they will come and eat it. Try to catch and lift them, I tried, but it was difficult because their skin are so slippery.

There are 2 restaurants that i like because they have fresh grilled fish and prawns. 2 Ikan Restaurant and Gurih Restaurant. Gurih Restaurant is in the center of the city and the food was delicious also the price is cheap. We ordered so many dishes for 4 person include a portion of lobster, and everything only cost 740 thousand rupiah. Cheap if you compared to Jakarta or Bali price.

When you have time, try to go to the centre of Ambon city, you can have a look the World Peace icon also the Alun-alun where young people loves to have a meeting point there.

Wrold Peace Gong Icon

I went for sunset in Christina Martha Tiahahu for sunset, but the gate was closed. Then i went to Amahusu beach where local kids love to jump and swim to the beach and enjoying sunset.

Ora Beach

While staying in Ambon, we went to Ora Beach and spent 2 night there. We stayed in Ora Beach Resort.

From Ambon, you should go to Tulehu port and take fast boat (about 1.5-2 hours) to go to Amahai port in Masohi, Ceram Island. We took the hotel package from Ora beach resort, so everything already arranged. The driver picked us up with the minibus. It took 3 hours on the road until we arrive in the last village before we took the boat to across to Ora beach. From far, you can see some rooms above the water and the view was really nice.

We spent the afternoon outside and enjoying our snack. It's truly paradise there. Very peaceful and very beautiful the scenery was.

Ora Beach Resort

The next day, I went for snorkeling in front of the room, and also in restaurant area. The visibility was clear enough and so many beautiful fish and corals. In the afternoon, we did a boat tour to Sawai cliff and snorkeling there. We also went to the cave next to the cliff. Last place of the tour was Air Mata Belanda, the fresh water spring located at the beach. The water was cold and when you step in the area where the water comes out, your feet feels like step into the hole full of sand and water.

At night, we tried to see if there are some plankton around the beach. We turned off the lights around the room and the terrace, and when our eyes already adapted to the dark, and voila! We saw some plankton there. Beautiful!

The next day we woke up, there was a full rainbow in front of the resort.

rainbow at Ora Beach

After breakfast with rainbow view, i went for dive next to Sawai Cliff. There was a small wall full of coral and the visibility was quite clear and the currant was calm.And soon after the dive finish, we prepared to go back to Ambon city.

Very nice time we had there. And if only the staffs in the resort could improve a little bit of their management and also clean the room, it would be a perfect place to stay there.

  • If you stay there, prepare yourself to bring your own foods and beverages because they don't sell or provided any foods and drinks beside food and drink they have to serve.

  • Bring books or any game you want to play because there is no night activity.

  • The boat trip tour is a bit short, you can ask the boat guy to bring you to Sawai village and see some activities there.

  • Better ask the staff to clean your room daily because when we stay there, they didn't clean our room at all until our check out time.

  • Make sure you have mosquito repellent and bring your own sarong/blanket to protect your legs and arm when you sleep.

Diving at Ambon Bay

Continuing from Ora Beach, I spent another 2 days in Ambon only for diving.

I stayed at Everbright Hotel for my last days in Ambon for diving. And the dive centre is at Laha village. It's far and i didn't rent a car for the last days there. So i took the ojeg and speed boat to across the bay, and took the angkot and another ojeg to arrive at Blue Rose Diver.

We went for dive in Ambon Bay, the place where famous for Muck Diving, where you can see rare species that always hide in the garbage or sand in the sea. The first dive was in Laha 1, and the second dive was in Kampung Baru.

The visibility was not very clear at that time, there was a currant for a few minutes and we did the drift diving. I saw some schooling fish and a lot of moray eels. In the end of the second dive, we went until 30 meter deep, and we saw some rare scorpion fish. this type of scorpion fish normally you can always see in Ambon bay and some place in Philippines only.

The rest of the day in Ambon, I spent it walking around and booked the Ojeg for a day to see some areas in Ambon.

A few days spent in Moluccas is not enough for me. Still many places i haven't visited yet. One day I'll be coming back and explore more of this province. Sampai jumpa kembali!

  • To go around the city, hire a car with the driver who already knew some places in Ambon so you can save time not getting lost in the city.

  • If you have more time, rent a motorbike so it's easy to go around wherever you want and see some new places that not in the blog or website yet.

  • Smile, because people in Moluccas is very friendly eventhough you don't speak their language.

  • When you visit the city during weekend, be ready with the crowd because many local tourists also love to go to visit some touristic places.

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