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Are you a party people? If the answer is yes, you must have known about Tomorrowland.

Tomorrowland, is the 3 days music dance festival from Belgium, originally held on last week of July every year. And due to enthusiasts of party people, they put more quota and held another weekend for the party. So now every July, Tomorrowland held 2 weekend party. It's located at Boom, Antwerp, Belgium. It has more than 10 stages with 2 main stages in different area and in different genres. If you took the 3 days pass, you should arrive on Thursday to check in and check out on Sunday morning. Usually on Thursday they have welcome party or pre party in dreamville area. Starts on Friday until Sunday, from 12pm until 12am. If you love music + DJ, this is the best place for you to have the best rave party ever.

Back in 2012, I went to this festival for my first time and took the Tent package for 4D3N. It was a great experience for me. The ambience was only about party. Eat, sleep, rave, and repeat.

In 2013, with my curiosity, I attended this festival again. This time i took hotel package. Even though i had much fun that time, but i felt something different. It became more commercial. Well, the tickets price more up than before, the venue they made even more interesting and they sell lots of merchandises.

To get the normal tickets in 2013 was very difficult even though i already queued hours before they open the website. One trick, you can just buy the world package ticket and get the airlines/bus/train ticket plus hotel/tents and the 3 day daily pass. A bit more expensive, but in this way you can get the ticket easily, like what i did 2 years in a row.


It's Tomorrowland camping area. It's already provided from the package you purchased, or you should bring your own tent if you only buy the normal dreamville pass. They have proper hot showers and toilets, restaurants and bars, and also some shopping stalls. This is a great place to meet new friends from other countries around the world.

From the tent packages we purchased, I got small tent for 2 people, complete with mattresses, blankets and lamps. There are proper hot showers, toilets, bars and food stalls surround the camp area. But don't expect you could have deep sleep, since either it's very cold or rainy during the night, or some group of people decided to continue their party at the camp area.

The Venues

Besides of the interesting stages for the DJ that they made very cool, there are also some venue for relaxing and some spots to take a photo for your instagram. Every each day, they make it different than the year before. That time, i remember i had big butterfly stage at the main stage and the book stage on the next year. There is also a big ferris wheel to ride if you need some fresh air and see Tomorrowland from above.

The DJs

All the famous and talented around the world DJs perform there. Even from my country Indonesia, Dimas Angger, performed when i was there. And don't worry, a lot of music genres in different stages, so you can jus hop on from one stage to another stage if you start to get bored with the music. Usually the put the best DJ in the main stage that has big dance floor.

I've been to some dance music festival, but for me Tomorrowland is the best one! Don't forget to bring your country flag and wear the unique costume!

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