• Advina Ratnaningsih

Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park

I've seen a lot of pictures of monkeys doing onsen on internet, and finally i made a visit to this park during this trip. We took a bus from Nagano Station to go to Yudanaka and walk through the forest for an hour to go to Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park.

The view in the forest was really nice with snow and wood color. The snow monkeys seem used to with people. They are not scared when we walk or stand up next to them. They still do whatever they are doing. Lucky, i managed to have a really cute selfie with 1 snow monkey on the way back to the forest.

After visiting the forest, we managed to go to Onsen and spent an afternoon there. The onsen we took was outdoor onsen with two different pool, hot and very hot natural spring water. Everything was perfect that afternoon. With outdoor onsen, we relaxed in the onsen while watching the blue sky that slowly change to sunset sky (too bad we couldn't see the sunset), with a view of trees covered by snow.

Onsen can be too relaxing and makes you forget about the time. If you don't stay in Shibu Onsen, watch your time and don't miss the bus to Yudanaka Station.

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