• Advina Ratnaningsih

Miyajima Island

I've seen this floating torii gate picture on instagram, and never crossed in mind that i would travel that far in Japan and finally seeing it with my own eyes. And it happened because i went to Hiroshima and realized that this floating torii gate just an hour away from Hiroshima,

I took the train from Hiroshima Station to MIyajimaguchi Station, then walked to the harbour and took the JR Ferry to across to the island. It was almost dark when i arrived in the Island and i could already see the orange torii gate from the ferry. Not much to see there that afternoon because many shops already closed, but many tourists still gathered and taking pictures. I don't do much there except taking pictures and walked around the temple. And not long after that, i took the ferry back to Miyajimaguchi Station and back to Hiroshima.

Miyajima has some attractions ang place for sightseeing, including the big aquarium. It's worth day trip if you want to see more in this island.

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