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Naoshima Island

Unplanned. I just read about this island when i open the guide and map to arrange my plan on the way back to Kyoto. I've heard that Naoshima is the art island in Japan, so i made a stop. I took the train from Hiroshima to Okayama station, then continued to Uno Station and took the ferry boat to across to Naoshima Island, stopping at Miyanoura harbour. I only have 1,5 hours in the island to explore. So I only went to 1 museum, Benesse House museum and to famous Yayoi Kusama's yellow pumpkin which is jus 2 minutes walking distance from Benesse House Museum bus shelter.

Benesse House Museum is one of the famous and the best museum in this island. It's also the combination of museum and hotel, so you can also stay there and enjoying the arts. Taking pictures inside the museum is not allowed. I don't have much photos of this museum. They have some nice arts installation from Warhol, Bauman, and some famous artists that i couldn't remember their name. What i like from this contemporary art museum is it has really nice architecture, and also some outdoor art installation.

There is a bus that drive around the island every 30 minutes or so. You can take this bus and stop at Tsutsuji-so then take a shuttle bus to Benesse House Museum, or simply you can walk for 10-15 minutes to go up to the hill like i did.

I wish i had more time to explore the island because this island there are another best and famous museums such as Chichu Art Museum, Lee Ufan Museum, Ando Museum and Art House Project.

And you can see some art instalation placed randomly and beautifully in this island, and maybe that what makes this island called and art island of Japan.

Accomodation in this island is limited, so the visitors is limited. If you are planning to go to this island, and wanna have a full experience of the art island, make sure to book accomodation minimum a week before arriving date. Besides this island, there are another two neighboor islands, Inujima that and Teshima Island that also has some museum and arts there. You can just hop on to another island taking the ferry or speed boat from Uno Harbour (across from Miyanoura Harbour), or from Takamatsu Harbour. Make sure you have the bus/train/ferry/speed boat timetable so you don't miss it otherwise you have to wait for another few hours until the next departure.

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