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Nara is Japan's first permanent capital, and it remains full of historic treasures, including Japan's oldest and largest temples. It's only an hour from Kyoto. I took train from Kyoto Station, stopped at Nara station to meet Gonzalo and Uriel, and we took bus from there to go to Nara Park.

We walked around the park and feed some deers with crackers (be careful that those deers will steal your biscuits from your bag or hands). These deers are not afraid with people and it seems that they know some people will feed them so they will get close to us and ask for food.

There is Todaiji Temple, the most famous temple and a landmark of Nara. In the temple there is a large Buddha statue. I think it's the biggest Buddha statue i've ever seen in life. It was really big. The building itself was also quite high. The doors was huge, it has really good quality and from nice wood. There are some other statues inside the building, but not as big as the Buddha statue. I was amazed by the statue, spent more times adoring the statue, took some photos and pray in front of the statue.

It was freezing when we were in Nara, and almost dark, so we didn't do much except the park and temple. So we decided to go back to Kyoto to have dinner. I've read Nara has a lot of temples and maybe next time i'll come back and stay for few days to see some other attractions there.

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