• Advina Ratnaningsih

Kyoto Photoshoot

So i have a new friend, Andrew Heritson. We talked about how i love Japan and the culture. We became friend straight away because we are at the same world, he is a photographer, and i'm a model, then some ideas came up. One of the idea was to have a shoot in Arashiyama Bamboo Groove since we saw it a lot in instagram. Then another ideas came up, why don't we have a shoot wearing kimono and also in other places. So we discussed, and on the day, we walked around Kyoto in very cold weather and windy, also continued on the next day (with really not in good shape kimono because i had to do it by myself) before going back to Tokyo.

#kyoto #arashiyama #hokanjitemple #fushimiinari #yasakashrine

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