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I've heard that Nikko is really nice town on north Tokyo. Just a few days befoe my departure date, i realized that i don't have time to explore Nikko, so i extended my stay in Japan for 2 days only to explore Tsukiji Fish Market and Nikko. On Monday morning, after visiting Tsukiji Fish Market, i took shinkansen to go to Nikko Station.

I walked from the station to Shinkyo Bridge, that i've seen from Gonzalo's photo. The town was quiet. Everything looks lovely. I could see a mountain with some snows left on top of it from far. Shinkyo Bridge, this red bridge is one of the landmark of Nikko. From here, across the street, there is a stairs to go up and small streets in between residential area, a short cut to go to Nikko Tosho-gu, one of the best Shinto Shrines with wooden sculptures.

Nikko Tosho-gu surrounded by the forest. Tall trees with some sunlights peeking in between the trees, make the view looks really nice.

What i like from Tosho-gu, it has some ornaments with gold color combined with other color like green, blue and red, but everything looks beautiful. The wood looks very old, makes the ornaments stand out.

After exploring the shrines, i took the bus back to the station. I only spent few hours there because i need to catch the train to go back to Tokyo. Nikko is one of other option if you want to do day trip outside Tokyo.

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