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COLDPLAY 'A Head Full of Dreams Tour' - Auckland

I don't know how many times i've been dreaming about watching live the Coldplay concert. They make the 'A Head Full of Dreams Tour' concerts in 2016 all around the world (but of course not in Indonesia). The closest countries they do were in Asia (Bangkok, Korea, Japan, Philippine, and Singapore), Australia and New Zealand. But i don't know why, my choice was stuck in New Zealand. Maybe because i have some friends who live there and I've always wanted to go to explore another part of New Zealand, so I made decision to watch Coldplay there then gonna explore the country,

So i bought my ticket to NZ, after i was sure that i have my Coldplay ticket (not the opposite, lol). With Mira's help, i could get the General Admission Front ticket. It's a bit more expensive because she got it from person who meant to sell it in higher price, but i don't mind, because it's my dream concert. And my head is a head full of a dreams.

Mira, and also Yuanita and Andika, my friends from Jakarta, supposed to watch the same concert also. But then Mira had to work that day, meanwhile Yuanita and Andika changed their mind and spent their holiday to Australia. And there was me, watching Coldplay concert by myself. But, once again, i don't mind at all, as long as i could be there.

I arrive in the stadium around 4pm. Mira drove me there and said i have to go early so i could get the best spot to watch. The queue was quite long, but the it was neat, all the people follow the rules. And just only in 45 minutes (with small run because too excited to be in the stadium and worried not getting the best spot), finally i got the best spot ever. Just beside of the front stage. You can't imagine how happy i was that day.

All of us waited for 3 hours to wait and watching the act performance. And until Coldplay finally performed, i was in the different world. FOMO, i recorded everything with my iphone and capture myself with gopro.

All the lighting, the laser, the screen, the sound system, the band, the songs, and the whole concert was 110% perfect for me. I watched the best concert ever. And it was an amazing day.

It was magic,

I have some tips for watching Coldplay concert if you are alone by yourself. Make sure you arrive very early to queue so you can get the best spot to watch (for General Admission ticket). During the concert, i spilled my water bottle. For 4 hours, i didn't drink any water at all and after that, my back was so sore. Make sure you have water bottle with you so you can fill in with water tap then close it properly, and you will stay away from dehydration. Bring some snacks or light meals and put it in the bag because if you were alone and already got the best spot, you could just took it from the bag and eat them, because no one will go buy food for you so you won't lose your spot to stand. They are very strict with the rules so make sure you follow all the rules. I had to put my gopro stick to the locker room because it's not allowed in the stadium (but i could get it back at the gate after the concert finished). If you wanted to buy all the Coldplay merchandises, be sure to buy it before queuing the line (and also not after you finish watch the concert, because it will be closed already). Last and the important thing: to get an uber or taxi was a nightmare. If you have friends or family around, you could just ask them to pick you up. I had to wait for my uber for like 45-60 minutes because the traffic was really bad. But once again, i don't mind. I went home with a happy feeling. My life is beautiful. And i have another bucket list ticked of the list. Thank you Universe.

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