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Shibuya New Year's Eve 2018

Besides experiencing winter season in Japan, i was also wondering about celebrating New Year's Eve in Tokyo. And when i bought the flight ticket arriving in Tokyo just a few days before NYE, i couldn't be happier.

On the 31st December afternoon, i still have no plan about the NYE. But i know, i want to go to Shibuya Crossing Street, because the area is similar like Times Square in New York City, and i thought there will be some events or music performances before the countdown.

I almost went there by myself. After convincing Yuanita, Andika and Jetta to go out during NYE instead staying at their hotel because they have an early flight back home on the next day, so we met at Yoshinoya to have dinner first. The street was already busy and crowded with so many people. When we finished our dinner, we didn't really have any clue where to go, so we only stayed and walked around in the streets, looking for a place who sell drinks. But it was quite a big mission to find because we have toddler with us, and impossible to bring Jetta to go into the bar. So we just bought a bottle and we drank it while walking around. And that night was really freezing.

Around 11 pm, we moved to the crossing area, and tried to find good spot there. There's a stage, and some polices. But we didn't see any music performers nor the instruments. The crowd was getting busier in the middle. Many people wearing the red Coca Cola hat. You can see many people from all around the world gathered there to 'Make The Shibuya Countdown', Tokyo logo for NYE. On the big screen, there's this guy dressed up in tie and suit, talking in Japanese. I thought the speech would last for 15 minutes, but then he finished just a few minutes before the countdown.

60 seconds to go and all of us counted together.

10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... and Happy New Year 2018!!

I was hoping there would be some fireworks. But no. Only some trumpets noises and some small papers blew out to the sky. And that's it. It's finished. Everyone headed home, to catch their train. The last train operated until 2 a.m. or 3 a.m. depends on the stations. And after showing Yuanita and Andika a place where they can get the cab, we separated and i took the train to Asakusa.

I put my expectation too high. and thought about the same celebration like in NYC that i saw from TV and internet. I asked my friend, Matt, who lives in Tokyo for 3 years, if it's normal there's no fireworks nor bands, and he said yes. He also added that celebration in Shibuya Crossing Street is also quite new for the last few years. And maybe the Japan Government doesn't allow fireworks because there's some tall building around. But still, for me NYE celebration without fireworks is not complete yet. Oh, at least i knew this and i've done this. Maybe should go to NYC to experience the real one tho.

Happy New Year 2018!!

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