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Big city is not really kind of my place to explore. I've been to Tokyo before, and decided to stay chill and relax for this visit and keep my stamina for when i explore outside Tokyo. I have some friends live in Tokyo, and visiting at the same time with me.

Yoyogi Park - Meiji Jingu

I managed to visit Yoyogi Park to meet Gonzalo and Uriel, my mexican friends, then walked around Shibuya - Harajuku area.

Shibuya - Shinjuku - Harajuku

This area is full of cool cafes/restaurants and shops with so many cool stuffs inside.

Asakusa & Tokyo Skytree

One of my favorite area, because it was quiet and the neighbourhood was nice. There's Sensoji Temple there. One night, in cold weather, my friend, Matt, and I, did timelapse video with Sensoji temple as the background. Check it out here.


This is the place where you can find electronic stuffs in cheap price, books store and toys. Here, i randomly found the best curry place i ever had and also a 5th floor sex shop building. On Sunday morning, they closed the road for pedestrians, so we could walk around the streets.

Tsukiji Fish Market

I extended my stay for 2 days because i wanted to go to see Tsukiji Fish Market and have a breakfast there. All the seafood is so fresh and everything was delicious. I forgot to try the fugu fish, the deadly pufferfish. I guess i'll save it for next visit

Great Friends, Great Time, Great Food

I'm lucky enough that i spent my time with these people when i was in Tokyo.

Golden Gai

On my last night, i spent an evening to walk around Shinjuku, eating Gogo curry, and ended up having happy hour drinking whiskey at Golden Gai area. Golden Gai is famous with it's small and tiny bars with different themes. My bartender was a guy wearing wig and Doraemon costume. He and his partner don't speak english well, and we talked sometimes using translator. It was a nice evening to spent with before my departure back to Bali on the next morning.

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