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Never thought that I would travel far from Tokyo to south. But while having JR Pass in my hand, why not going as far as i can? So Hiroshima was in my list for sure (instead going north to Sapporo).

Departed around 10.30 morning from Takayama station, and changing shinkansen (i missed 2 trains here, but what i love from Japan transportation is that they always have train coming to the same direction in every certain minutes) in Osaka, i finally arrived in the afternoon in Hiroshima station. After checked in at the hostel, i went back to station and took the train to go to Miyajimaguchi station and hopped on the ferry to go to Miyajima island.

Back to Hiroshima city, it was already dark. I just walked around Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, back to hostel, and continued for sightseeing in the next morning. It was raining that morning, but it wasn't a problem because i will spend my morning in Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. The museum itself, full of history of Hiroshima Bomb that happened in World War II. It was tragic and sad when i read and watch the documentaries and stories and also some of clothes and stuffs left after the bomb that displayed in the museum.

Atomic Bomb Dome

There is one subject that catch my attention. A girl called Sadako Sasa (not the famous Sadako in the Ring/Ju On movie). This girl is famous because she was a victim of nuclear walfare. She was only 2 years old when the atomic bomb dropped in Hiroshima. She survived. A few years later, she is diagnosed with leukemia caused by radiation exposure. She has 1 year to survive, then hospitalised at Hiroshima Red Cross Hospital for treatment. And during that time in the hospital she had mission to folds 1000 paper crane. Until she died, she had folded 644 paper cranes, and her friends completed the rest and buried the paper cranes with her. This story is famous world wide and there is a instalation of paper cranes outside the museum and kids can fold the paper cranes and put it in the instalation. And it's simply a reminder for us that we don't need war in this world. We need more love and peace for the world.

After the museum, I still have time to explore Hiroshima castle. It's a big area. The gloomy weather makes the castle looks nice and charming. After took some photos and make a wish, i walked back to the hostel to take my luggage and went to station.

Hiroshima is really nice city. The atmosphere is very different than Tokyo, and people are more lively in my opinion. Too bad i didn't stay too long, because i need to catch my train to Kyoto.

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