• Advina Ratnaningsih

Vesak Day 2018

On Tuesday, 29th of May 2018, we celebrated Vesak Day. I was in Jogja already that weekend, and decided to stay longer to celebrate Vesak Day in Borobudur for the 2nd time. Why do i want to celebrate Vesak Day even though i'm not a Buddhist? Just because i want to release the lanterns to the sky on the Vesak night. The view is really nice 2 years ago when i went there. And why not doing it again this year?

I remember, my first attemp to go to this festival was in 2013. It was a failed mission, because when we were already in Borobudur area, it was a chaos. Some people didn't follow the rules, didn't appreciate the monks who pray with taking pictures too close, disturbing their praying time, made some light damages in temple area, and also, a big rain came just an hour before the time to release the lanterns.

I went for the 2nd time in 2016. Everything was more organized. Walubi did well taking care of the events. That's why i want to experience that beautiful moment again.

WIth some friends, from Jogja, we drove to Magelang. It's Ramadan, and we stopped by at angkringan (small warung or stall where we could eat some snacks and drinks) to breakfasting, somewhere on the way to the temple. The road was quite empty that afternoon.

After having our dinner, we parked our car outside the temple area, and walked through Manohara Hotel and arrived in the area provided by Wallubi to release the lanterns. To enter the festival, we have to show our id card and a voucher as an evidence that we already paid the donation. We bought this id card in the morning in Candi Mendut, to prevent some chaostic like years before. Walubi organized everything so well. I was afraid that we couldn't get the id card knowing that so many people wants to attend the festival because they are also in Jogja for Artjog, but i feel relieved that we got the id cards for 5 of us, so we don't have to queue.

We arrived in the seating area around 9 pm. It was a perfect timing, because we waited only for a few speeches, a meditation for 30-45 minutes until the time for lanterns.

We divided by group. One group consists of 3-4 people for 1 lantern. And we had a chance to release the lanterns for 4 times. The lanterns on the sky looks very beautiful specially you can see the fullmoon surrounded by the lanterns, also you can see Borobudur Temple as the background. It was very beautiful night.


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