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Back to one of my favorite city in this world. After a very long way to get to Kyoto (from Hiroshima, stopping at Naoshima Island for couple of hours, and missing a few shinkansens), i arrived at the hotel was quite late in the evening. I have Gonzalo and Uriel, my Mexican friends , in Kyoto at the same time. The next morning, i met them at Nara station, and we explore all together.

We had much fun feeding the deers at Nara Park, and did quick sightseeing to Todaiji Temple before heading back to Kyoto and have dinner at Pontocho Alley, one of my favorite alley in Kyoto that full of restaurants and bars (with tourists price).

The next day, we visited Fushimi Inari. It was only 10 am, but there were already many people in the temple. We walked up to the hill until the top. I thought there would be place where we could see Kyoto city up from the hill, but in fact, it was only the Shrine where people can pray. It took us 3 hours in total to go up the hill and back to the station because we stopped a lot to take some photos.

We arrived back in Kyoto to had late lunch in Iyemon Salon Kyoto, having matcha beer, matcha pasta, and matcha chocolate cake. I never really like matcha before, and this restaurant makes me change my mind. Everything tastes so good. That afternoon we went for shopping a bit, only to go back to that same restaurant to celebrate Uriel's birthday.

The next day i have a photoshoot with my new friend, Andrew. We went to the kimono rent shops then heading west to Arashiyama Bamboo Groove. We did really nice photoshoots there, and i was freezing because the weather was cold, but i'm so happy that the result of the shoot all around Kyoto is really nice. You can check our photoshoot here.

I will never get bored with this city. I didn't explore much in the city, but maybe next visit, i would love to experience the real local life there. There were also some temples that i haven't been. It's never enough to stay only for a few days there specially during winter time the daylight is shorter than night.

If you have time to wait while waiting the train in Kyoto Station, try to walk around the station. It has really nice architecture there. Don't expect that it's gonna be a traditional building. It is a modern building, built by Hiroshi Hara and become the second largest station in Japan after Nagoya.

Last but not least, try to stay in Ryokan, the traditional house of Japan, with tatami floors room with futton bed, and you can have your own yukata to wear during your stay with communal/private bath in the building. It would be a nice experience to stay like a local in Kyoto.

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