• Advina Ratnaningsih

Sky Dive Wanaka

And finally i did the sky dive that has been sitting in my list to do before i die.

After waiting for a day due to bad weather, i made it the next day i was in Wanaka, before continuing my road trip to the next destination.

That morning was really sunny. After lunch, i was prepared with all the gears and waiting for the plane to take me and other people to fly. So i was the last one who jump out of the plane. The plane going up higher and higher. some people already jumped on 9,000 ft and 12,000 ft high. I took the 15,000 ft high. My dive instructur who tied up with me, was cool, he reminded me all the things i have to do before the jump and during the fly. I wasn't panic in the plane. Then as usual, as soon as it's the time to jump, i got so nervous but then i had no time to get panic because we just jumped as soon as we reached the door.

We did free fall for a 1 minute before Jason finally open the parachute. During free fall, it was really nice feeling. We fly! And we could see the Wanaka city view from above with a few clouds in between. I forgot how long i spent in the air, but it was one of the best few minutes i have in life so far.

The full video is here.

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